About us

We are a young family owned brand that believes every backyard’s purpose is to provide as much happiness and amazing memories as possible, and no backyard is complete without a fire pit. Our mission is to provide as many warm memories to as many families as we can through our high quality fire pits.

We understand that you want to pick the perfect fire pit for those unforgettable moments with family and friends, so we are the experts here to help make that decision easy. We are fire pit specialists and we pride ourselves in quick, clear communication and customer satisfaction guaranteed. Our goal is to help you find the fire pit that is right for you.

All the most inviting and luxurious backyards and homes have fire pits so we are here to do what is necessary to help you make your backyard achieve this amazing atmosphere!

Our experts are passionate and knowledgeable in what they do so don’t be afraid to call, email or start a live chat with us!